Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pre order Batch 100 is now open!

To make things easier,
for us and for the supplier,
we'll be doin pre-order for a week.
which means, we will proceed/send order for
who has pay before monday, 10am.
why monday?
normally, once we pay on monday,
the supplier will send it on tat day as well.
Thus, the braces will arrive to us
around thursday or friday.

batch 99 is officially CLOSED!

Ribuan terima kasih kepada semua para pembeli.
Kami berharap braces akan selamat sampai kepada anda

Batch 100 is now OPEN FOR ORDER!
Make your payment before
3rd FEB 2014 10am

before you place an order, pls pls pls DO read our FAQ!

THANK YOU for shopping with us!


  1. My daughter is so nervous about getting braces next month. I keep telling her that she gets to choose so many awesome colors and designs to have on her teeth, but she still thinks it will change her look a lot. She will definitely thank me for making her get them one day, but until then I'll just have to keep helping her come up with trendy patterns she could use for her braces to still make her feel stylish! www.oasisortho.com

  2. How to make order....i want rubber band and power chain....u have it

  3. This thing is very risky. There are reasons why it costs so much. Only professional can perform it. The regular dentist who's not an orthodontist specialist also can't perform it. Please make some research and think about the side effects before u act

  4. The property will have to do it.
    how much
    Thailand is it?


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